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Spice up your conversations using Samosa. Share punchlines, GIFs, proverbs, love proposals, witty responses, funny expressions and song clips from popular movies.

Introducing Samosa 2.0
★ GIF Search: All your favourite GIFs from popular cinema, celebrities and sports are now available on Samosa.
★ GIF Uploads: Incase you’re a GIF lover like us, you will likely have a few GIFs on your phone.
In a couple of clicks, you can upload these to Samosa to share your love for GIFs with the community.
★ GIF Sharing: We made it easy to share GIFs from Samosa to messaging apps like WhatsApp, hike etc.
Currently available in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam. More languages coming soon.

Make the mundane exciting, every single day :)

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