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Now, you can buy your KDMT bus pass on zophop in the most convenient way.

zophop is your private assistant for every day travel in the city.

If you are new in town or need to go places where you haven’t been, zophop will guide you how to go places. The best route will be listed based on time and fare; and you can choose what works the best. Check what is available around you. That can be another great option for your travel.

Travel in buses every day? Live bus location and timing to the stop helps you to plan your daily trip better as you can now see exactly where the bus is and how long it will take to get to the stop where you will get on board of the bus.

What we can do on zophop are:

• Discover how to go to places in 15 cities in India including Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Chennai
• See live bus timing on the map with its current location
• Find the best route for your travel based on time and fare including buses, trains, metro, cabs and autos
• Buy KDMT bus pass
• Book an Uber directly
• Search the closest bus stops and train or metro stations near you
• Check bus timing and train or metro schedule with platform number always works with and without internet
• Stay connected with auto prompts to see what the next stop is going to be while traveling
• Available in 3 languages including English, Marathi, and Hindi
• Live chat to keep you informed on any traffic problems and updates 

Check what we are supporting in your city:

1) Mumbai – Local Train, BEST, NMMT, VVMT, MBMT, TMT, KDMT, Metro, Monorail, Uber
2) Bangalore – Namma Metro, BMTC, Uber, Jugnoo
3) New Delhi – Delhi Metro, DTC Buses, DIMTS Buses, Train, Uber, Jugnoo
4) Chennai – Chennai Metro, MTC, Uber, Jugnoo
5) Jaipur – Jaipur Metro, JCTS, Uber, Jugnoo
6) Chandigarh – CTU, Uber, Jugnoo
7) Bhubaneswar-Puri-Cuttack – DTS, Uber, Jugnoo
8) Kolkata – Metro, Local train, Uber, CSTC
9) Pune – PMPML, Uber, Jugnoo
10) Bhopal – BRTS, Uber, Jugnoo
11) Indore – AICTSL, Uber, Jugnoo
12) Hyderabad – RTC, Uber, Jugnoo
13) Nagpur - NMPL, Uber, Jugnoo
14) Vijayawada- VCB, Uber
15) Ahmedabad - BRTS, AMTS, Uber, Jugnoo

Download zophop today for free, we know you will love it.

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